Pamela J. Lein, PhD

Pamela J. Lein

Position Title
CounterACT Director & Professor, Molecular Biosciences

Administrative Core
Project 3


Pamela J. Lein, PhD

CounterACT Director / Project 3 Principal Investigator

Pamela J. Lein has 25 years’ experience working in the fields of molecular and cellular neurobiology, neuropharmacology and neurotoxicology. Her research has focused on defining the molecular and cellular mechanisms by which growth factors, inflammatory mediators, pharmacological agents and environmental toxicants modulate neuronal connectivity and the impact of such changes on normal neurodevelopment and on the function of the mature brain. She has made significant contributions to our understanding of how environmental levels of organophosphorus pesticides (OPs) interfere with normal neurodevelopment. Her research in the CounterACT Center employs in vitro and whole animal models of OP and TETS neurotoxicity and integrates histological and behavioral assessments of neuropathology. Her laboratory is collaborating with the UC Davis Center for Molecular and Genomic Imaging ( to develop in vivo imaging modalities for longitudinal assessment of neuropathology and efficacy of neuroprotective therapies. This work has significant translational implications for diagnosing, monitoring and treating humans exposed to acutely intoxicating levels of neurotoxicant.