Natalia Vasylieva Natalia Vasylieva, MS, PhD

Natalia Vasylieva

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Assistant Project Scientist

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Natalia Vasylieva

My research interest is in the development of analytical tools, methods and bio(medical) technologies that could be applied for monitoring of human health. During my master and PhD training programs I gained a broad expertise in (micro)engineering, biotechnologies, sensors and Analytical chemistry. As a master student I worked on engineering of analytical platforms for integrated pre-concentration/extraction procedure and detection of water pollutants. In my PhD project I acquired engineering skills for biochemical systems development and for their application in neurochemical studies. My project consisted in development of multielectrode biosensors permitting simultaneous detection of different neurotransmitters and metabolites in the brain of laboratory animals, body fluid extracts or environmental sample extracts. I have developed a promising method for protein immobilization onto electrode surface to obtain chemically very mild, reliable, stable covalent fixation using nontoxic and cheap components.

My current research is focused on immune-based assays development for monitoring of human exposure to toxic chemicals. I have received an extensive training in this field with proven track record. I am currently being trained in the development of single domain antibodies (VHH). I possess an additional expertise in HPLC-UV-MS analytical techniques that provides a valuable support in validation of developed immunoassays and in quantitative analysis of environmental and biological samples.