Eduardo A. Gonzalez, BS

Eduardo Gonzalez

Position Title
PhD Candidate

Project 3


Eduardo Gonzalez

My interest in biomedical research began with my undergraduate training in environmental and molecular toxicology. I have since been trained in neurotoxicology and neuropharmacology as a doctoral student working under Dr. Pamela Lein. The CounterACT program has allowed me to combine my passions for toxicology, public health, and national security by applying my knowledge of toxicology to counterterrorism research against chemical weapons. The goal of my dissertation research is to understand how the developing brain responds to chemical weapons using novel neuroimaging techniques. By doing so, I hope to better identify mechanisms of damage and potential therapeutic targets that will help improve our nation’s response to chemical emergencies. 

Upon completion of my academic studies, I plan to continue my commitment to public safety by applying my expertise in chemical weapons to a government position. In addition to my career aspirations, I hope to inspire underrepresented youth to pursue higher education and increase Latino representation in both the academic and government workforce.