Dennis R Carty, PhD

Dennis R Carty

Position Title
Postdoctoral Scholar

Project 3


Dennis R Carty

My background has primarily focused on the developmental and reproductive toxicities associated with environmental pollutants in aquatic organisms. During my time at the University of Mississippi, I extended my expertise by developing a mechanism for which we can study the therapeutic potential of cannabinoids for the treatment of rare forms of epilepsy. More importantly, we managed to forge ahead in the unknown field of cannabinoid toxicology and were one of the first labs to publish adverse developmental endpoints for cannabidiol in zebrafish.

Currently, I am broadening my neurotoxicology and seizure biology knowledge in Pamela Lein's lab at the University of California - Davis. Through the UC Davis CounterACT Center of Excellence, we combine advanced molecular and imaging techniques in order to improve medical countermeasures for delaying neurological consequences following convulsant chemical threat agent intoxication using both rodents and zebrafish.