Daniel J. Tancredi, PhD

Daniel Tancredi

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Associate Professor

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Daniel Tancredi

Daniel J. Tancredi, PhD contributes his expertise and over twenty-five years of statistical and data management experience to the UC Davis CounterACT program as the director of the Statistics and Data Management Core, providing targeted statistical design and analysis support to the research projects and scientific cores and an integrated web-based research database system that is used to facilitate reliable and cost-efficient data capture, processing and sharing. Dr. Tancredi has extensive experience in successfully developing, implementing and teaching efficient design, measurement and analysis strategies for basic and clinical research studies, including studies involving complex physiological, neuropsychological and imaging outcomes. From early in his career, he has been responsible for developing and maintaining reliable and secure databases in support of multidisciplinary research efforts.  Highly collaborative and widely published, his NCBI Bibliography http://bit.ly/1MzJ50T  lists more than 150 research publications in leading biomedical research journals. Dr. Tancredi is Associate Professor In Residence in the Department of Pediatrics at the UC Davis School of Medicine. He has a bachelor degree in behavioral sciences from the University of Chicago and a Ph.D. in mathematical statistics from the University of Illinois at Chicago.