Core C: Statistics and Data Management

The objective of the Statistics and Data Management (SDM) Core is to provide integrated support in statistics and database applications. The SDM core also coordinates with the Training and Education core to advise on statistical training for students as needed.

The SDM core’s first aim is to provide experimental design and analytical support for the evaluation of the anti-seizure agents as well as specialized statistical support including methods for the comparison of metabolomics profiles and the analysis of imaging data. The core contributes to the education mission of the CounterACT center by training students in study design and statistics on collaborative research projects as well as coordinating with the Administrative and Training and Education cores on analytical training resources. The core develops new statistical methods relevant for data from the CounterACT center as necessary.

The second aim of the core is to provide an integrated, web-based research database system to create a seamless flow of data across the research projects and cores, facilitating efficient research collaboration and data sharing. The database application provided will also enable research collaboration and data sharing across CounterACT centers. 

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