Jill Silverman

Dr. Silverman is a faculty member at the University of California Davis, School of Medicine and the MIND Institute. Her current expertise is in preclinical translational studies to determine etiology and treatments focused to autism spectrum disorders. Dr. Silverman’s group is currently working on new project topics that include characterization of autism relevant genetic and environmental in vivo models, the complexities in interpretation of behavioral data, pharmacological treatment reversals in models of autism and the development of rodent cognitive behavioral assays using technology that is analogous to clinical assessment tools. Dr. Silverman is also a leader in training new behavioral neuroscientists. She has trained, supervised and mentored numerous undergraduates, postbaccalaureates, Howard Hughes Medical Institute intern students and postdoctoral fellows. Dr. Silverman enjoys educating on the use of animal models in studies of neurodevelopmental disorders to student and public communities.