Heike Wulff

Dr. Wulff, Professor in the Department of Pharmacology, UC Davis School of Medicine, is a trained Pharmacist with a PhD in medicinal chemistry, is an internationally recognized expert on ion channel pharmacology. Her research is focused on the design of new ion channel modulators as pharmacological tool compounds and as potential drugs for the treatment of autoimmune, cardiovascular and neurological diseases. Her laboratory is specialized in medicinal chemistry, electrophysiology, and pharmacokinetics and is using animal models of stroke and Alzheimer’s disease. She currently has several promising novel antiseizure compounds progressing through the NIH Anticonvulsant Screening Program and a Kv1.3 inhibiting peptide (DalazatideÒ) in Phase-2 clinical trials.  Dr. Wulff serves as director of Core B and co-director of the Analytical Chemistry Core (Core A). In both roles, she oversees and directs synthetic and analytical chemistry efforts. Dr. Wulff is responsible for assuring that Core B optimally serves the needs of the scientific projects and effectively collaborates with Core A. She further provides her expertise in electrophysiology and ion channel pharmacology to Project 1 as a co-investigator and serves as a member of the Center Steering Committee.