Ahmet Bora Inceoglu

Ahmet Bora Inceoglu is a broadly trained biologist with experience in the

areas of biochemistry molecular biology and behavioral pharmacology. His

current work involves delineating the systems and mechanisms associated

with natural epoxygenated fatty acids in the nervous system in particular

in regard to nociception. He has identified analgesic and anti-convulsant

activities of these natural molecules and methods to regulate and enhance

their levels and bioactivity. He has developed experience and capabilities

in a range of areas from early discovery towards translation of basic

science. His research on epoxy fatty acids and their biological roles is

the basis of an effort to advance small molecule inhibitors of the soluble

epoxide hydrolase as novel analgesic drugs. In the CounterACT Center he

shares responsibility for the Education and Training Core with Dr. Wulff.

His research involves behavioral pharmacology and he is actively

collaborating with all three projects and cores to advance the

understanding of pro-convulsant threat agents and approaches to circumvent

their toxic effects.